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Perfumer’s Nose: The Other Lavenders


Lavender Flowers Copyright Elise Pearlstine

There are lavenders that are wild, lavenders that are hybrids, and lavenders that are not distilled but extracted via solvent. I’ll go through this varied group today. The same descriptors I used in my last blog apply: floral, herbaceous, sharp, woody, balsamic, coumarinic, refreshing, and clean notes.

For my last blog (Part 2), I evaluated 12 varieties of Lavandula angustifolia here (http://tambela.com/blog/perfumers-nose-lavender-a-purple-haze/), and Part 1 was an introduction to lavender here (http://tambela.com/blog/perfumers-nose-lavender-love/).

Today I sniff other lavender types and species:

Lavandula angustifolia Wild—is sharp, woody, and slightly rooty. The floral lavender is apparent underneath the woody notes and the dryout is mild and fresh. It definitely has a wild aspect to it but is not harsh. Continue reading

Perfumer’s Nose: Making Hay


The sweet smell of hay is guaranteed to bring back summer, especially as our season here in the northern hemisphere draws to a close. Reminding us of countryside, of green grass, of the sweet breath of young bovines, it is also an important note in perfumery. In addition to hay absolute, there are a variety of aromatics that can evoke the sweet greenness of hay, whether fresh-cut or dried.

It turns out that hay is actually a blend of grasses with legumes such as clover or alfalfa. Legumes add sweetness and flavor to the hay (primarily through coumarin, more about this later) but also replenish the soil by adding nitrogen. Clover, by virtue of its deep roots can also preserve the soil itself.

Clover_page_629 public domain

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